The table below lists the number of OSHA-170 abstracts by keyword value. The keywords are established at the time the abstract is reviewed.

KeyWord Occurances - 100817
Cable Logging41 Cable Tray8 Cable Tv Work126
Calender18 Canal83 Cancer17
Capacitor29 Carbon Dioxide74 Carbon Disulfide9
Carbon Monoxide676 Carboxyhemoglobin114 Carburetor25
Cardiac Arrest533 Cardiovasc Disease419 Cardiovasc System744
Carpenter1616 Carpet43 Cart350
Caster26 Casting63 Casting Die10
Cathead17 Catline4 Catwalk286
Caught Between9315 Caught By5965 Caustic176
Cave-In1463 Ceiling291 Ceiling Panel51
Cellotex Material2 Cement Powder31 Cementing22
Chain1188 Chain Saw327 Chair72
Charge Bucket6 Check Valve13 Chemical1297
Chemical Burn659 Chemical Reaction441 Chemical Vapor868
Chemical Vessel22 Chest3179 Chimney62
Chipper162 Chlorine244 Chlorine Dioxide12
Chlorine Room8 Chock257 Choker97
Choker Cable18 Choker Setter99 Chrome3
Cinder Block Plant5 Circuit Breaker179 Circular Saw487
Circulatory Blockage23 Citric Acid4 Cleaning3906
Cleaning Fluid143 Clearance859 Climbing On Column43
Clogged354 Clothing1197 Clutch59
Clutch Lever6 Coal33 Coal Car7
Coal Crusher5 Coal Dust16 Coal Hopper6
Coal Silo5 Coal Tar Light Oil1 Coal Tar Pitch6
Coating Operation33 Coffer Dam14 Coke Drum14
Coke Oven19 Collapse2861 Collarbone183
Collision779 Column155 Combustible Dust137
Combustible Liquid82 Commercial Diving28 Communication1088
Communication Cable133 Communication Tower207 Communication Worker150
Compartment19 Compressed Air119 Compressed Gas41
Compressor168 Concrete1223 Concrete Beam26
Concrete Block122 Concrete Bucket15 Concrete Float23
Concrete Form Work440 Concrete Mixer80 Concrete Panel75
Concrete Pipe56 Concrete Pump49 Concrete Slab142
Concrete Truck243 Concussion2858 Conductive Apparel5
Conductive Hose5 Conduit152 Confined Space820
Construction22973 Containerized Cargo134 Control Lever205
Control Malfunction3 Contusion3906 Conveyor2136
Conveyor Belt746 Cooker54 Cooker--Pressure9
Cooling Tower29 Cord Connector51 Cord Set152
Corn55 Corn Chopper2 Corn Oil3
Corrosion26 Corrosive43 Cotter Pin15
Cotton41 Cotton Gin31 Cotton Picker6
Cough35 Counterbalance192 Cover488
Cpr671 Crane2281 Crane Ball15
Crane Block29 Crane Boom640 Crane Cab47
Crane Carriage7 Crane Counterweight34 Crane Hook120
Crane Lifting Beam19 Crane Operator300 Crane Outrigger50
Crate88 Crawl Space60 Crawler Crane86
Creosote5 Crop Shredder9 Crossarm25
Crown Block5 Crude Oil41 Crushed12498
Crusher33 Current Leakage11 Cutout Switch27
Cutout--Gaff58 Cutting And Burning410 Cyanide33