Resident Activities


Regulatory Rounds

Regulatory rounds are one of the key features of the Occupational Medicine Elective.

Residents meet as a group with their preceptor several times per week. During these encounters, residents will review their current cases and projects with each other and the attending physician. In addition, an organized series of discussions on essential OSHA Standards, policy issues and OOMN teaching cases will be presented. These rounds provide an educational forum to emphasize teaching points, identify opportunities for project improvement and monitor project progress.

Informational Interviews

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration employs some of the nation’s top health and safety experts. During the course of the elective, residents will have the opportunity to interview several of the key health and safety professionals working in OSHA's National Office and Field Activities, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), and other governmental agencies. All of these individuals are committed to educating future health and safety experts and are ready to impart their knowledge and experiences.

Field Trip Inspection

During the course of their rotation, the residents may participate with field personnel in an OSHA investigation. Residents will obtain first-hand knowledge of the OSHA enforcement process.