Description and Background


The educational experience at OSHA’s national office in Washington, DC is designed to give residents an up-front opportunity to see how occupational health policy is developed and applied at the national level and to enhance their knowledge of public health issues in an occupational health setting.

Residents will spend two months at OSHA under the supervision of staff occupational and preventive medicine physicians and they will participate in the full range of OSHA activities, including:

  • Developing Federal safety and health regulations.
  • Assisting OSHA’s field offices in compliance investigations.
  • Answering inquiries from health professionals, government agencies, and the public.
  • Reviewing compliance directives and guidelines.
  • Developing safety and health information in electronic and print media.

In addition, the residents will conduct informational interviews of personnel from various OSHA offices to gain an understanding of the agency’s organizational structure and function. Each group of residents will also participate in a worksite investigation to obtain first-hand knowledge of the OSHA enforcement process.

Current residents training in occupational, preventive or aerospace medicine are eligible to apply (see How to Apply).