How To Apply


Applying to the OSHA Occupational Medicine Elective

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) accepts Occupational Medicine Elective applications for each academic year (July through the following May) from February 1 to April 15. OSHA will continue to offer both virtual and hybrid rotations. All rotation blocks are two months long except for March and May which, as shown in the instruction blocks below, are only offered as one month rotations.


Current residents training in US occupational, preventive, or aerospace medicine programs are eligible to apply. Residents must:

  1. Be a US Citizen with a valid US passport or REAL ID documenting US citizenship to be eligible for an OSHA stipend for travel and lodging during hybrid rotations; non-US Citizens can apply to be a resident physician in a completely virtual rotation where a stipend is not applicable. Current federal employees are also not eligible for an OSHA stipend but can apply for a virtual rotation.
  2. Possess a valid state or trainee medical license – if required by institution and/or state regulations;
  3. Be available for the rotation within the schedule below. Importantly, the first week focused on orientation topics is essential;
  4. Notify the Office of Occupational Medicine and Nursing in advance for any absences for resident training at home institution or other sites (usually one day per week), medical conferences, or planned annual leave.
  5. Successfully complete the required documentation for a federal government security clearance which will involve numerous forms and at least one trip to a federal location for fingerprinting.
  6. Be able to efficiently navigate a Microsoft Office and Teams environment.


Residents will rotate in one or two month blocks of instruction, scheduled as follows:


The September-October and November-December training blocks are usually open only to residents training in one of the Baltimore-Washington area residency programs.

Application materials

Interested residents should email the following to Virginia Weaver MD MPH at

  1. A letter of good standing from their Residency Program Director that documents current residency status, US citizenship and passport/REAL ID status, with a copy of their valid state or trainee medical license;
  2. A current Curriculum Vitae that includes any prior federal experience (paid or un-paid) which may help with the security clearance;
  3. One to two paragraph statement of interest describing why they would like to pursue the elective and any special occupational medicine interests at the time of application;
  4. First, second and third preferences for rotation block.
  5. For non-local residents, indicate preference for a hybrid or completely virtual rotation.

Notification of acceptance

Residents selected for the OSHA Occupational Medicine Elective and their Residency Program Directors will be notified by electronic mail or in writing no later than May 15.