OSHA's Occupational Medicine
Resident Elective

The Office of Occupational Medicine and Nursing (OOMN) in OSHA serves as an instructional site for current resident physicians who are receiving training in occupational and environmental medicine, general preventive medicine, and aerospace medicine. OOMN may host up to four resident physicians for a one or two month hybrid or virtual training rotation. Future occupational and preventive medicine leaders have the opportunity to fully participate in OOMN activities and will also receive an organized discussion series on the clinical and policy aspects of occupational medicine. OOMN staff members have participated on the Residency Advisory Committees of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the University of Maryland School of Medicine, the Mount Sinai Hospital, and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

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Important Dates

February 1 - Application Period Opens
April 15 - Application Period Closes
May 15 - Applicants Notified
July 1 - Rotations Begin
June 30 (of following year) - Rotations End

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