Elective Goals


The OSHA Office of Occupational Medicine and Nursing (OOMN) offers a two month rotation for current physicians enrolled in Aerospace, General Preventive Medicine, and Occupational Medicine Residencies. OOMN as a primary mission supports OSHA field staff in their enforcement actions in a consultation process. In addition, OOMN supports the health surveillance of its field staff, responds to inquiries from the regulated community, and participates in the broad development of Federal policies.

Residents participate in the field enforcement consultation process:

  • Assembling information on new field consultation requests
  • Reviewing the scientific literature in support of emerging problems
  • Writing consultation reports to support field citations; many of the consultation reports provide an opportunity to contribute to the scientific literature
  • Participating in one site visit (when feasible)

Residents develop policy analysis skills in existing and new OSHA standards and guidance by:

  • Responding to inquiries from the regulated community, i.e., employers, workers, and the public at large (the "e-corr process")
  • Addressing policy inquiries from other OSHA Directorates and the field
  • Participating in formal lectures

Residents complete the rotation with a formal presentation to OOMN staff and guests or a written document on a topic related a recent enforcement case or another pertinent topic. Evaluation of residents is based on the Rotation Goals and Objectives, and a home institution evaluation form.