Office of Occupational Medicine and Nursing

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OSHA's Office of Occupational Medicine and Nursing (OOMN) provides occupational medicine and nursing expertise to OSHA. OOMN supports a wide-range of agency activities from enforcement and rulemaking to outreach and training. In addition, the Office administers the OSHA Medical Examination Program which supports the medical requirements for agency compliance officers.

Enforcement and Rulemaking

OOMN physicians provide case evaluation, medical record review, conduct employee interviews and medical screening activities in support of work site inspection activities. They also provide expert opinions regarding whether injuries illnesses and fatalities are related to work and determine whether employers are in compliance with medical surveillance and recordkeeping requirements of OSHA standards and regulations. OOMN may assist OSHA offices and the Department of Labor in decisions regarding settlement agreements and other legal proceedings. Additionally, OOMN staff members contribute to the creation of OSHA national emphasis programs that focus inspection activities to target hazardous industries and exposures.

OOMN contributes to the development of Agency regulations by providing expertise on health effects of occupational exposures and recommendations for appropriate medical surveillance.

Outreach and Training

The OOMN staff participate in the development of OSHA outreach information that helps employers comply with OSHA legal requirements. OOMN also prepares guidance materials that provide information on best practices in workplace safety and health. These informational materials include safety and health information bulletins, fact sheets, quick cards, web-based information and webpages on OSHA’s website.

Training for Clinical Professionals

OOMN also administers the following programs:

  • OSHA's Occupational Medicine Resident Elective. This eight week training rotation provides up to four resident physicians with an opportunity to see how occupational health policy is developed and applied at the national level and enhances their knowledge of workplace safety and health programs.
  • OSHA's Graduate Nurse Internship Program. This program is designed for registered professional nurses pursuing a graduate degree in either occupational health nursing or public health with an occupational health focus. It blends current OSHA projects and issues with the theoretical bases of the intern's academic study into a practical occupational safety and health experience at the national level.

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