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Thermoforming Machine Safety Tour - Slide 3
Featured Areas

Canopy hoods provide ventilation and are used to remove gases and fumes emitted from decomposing plastic that may be irritating to eyes and respiratory tract if employees are exposed. [Photo description: Highlighted area includes a silver fume canopy above the thermoforming machine.] View close-up


This is the sheet intake area. The aluminum plate supports and aligns the plastic sheet when starting a roll. The left and right pin chain feed system transport the plastic sheet through the machine. There are also sheet edge preheaters mounted on this plate to presoften material for thicker materials. [Photo description: Highlighted area includes a flat silver colored area that extends out from the machine like a shelf.] View close-up


This is a guarded in-running nip end feed roller. Rolls of plastic sheet that have been loaded on the roll stand are threaded by the worker to the machine through end feed rollers. End feed rollers are guarded or opened to avoid a wide range of injuries that occur from hazards created by the movement of machine parts and/or roll stock. [Photo description: Highlighted area includes a long narrow opening near the front of the machine.] View close-up