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Prevention through Design (PtD)

Construction Workplace Design Solutions. OSHA encourages design professionals to incorporate safety in design to facilitate safe construction, as far as possible. PtD has the potential for reducing injuries and fatalities at construction sites by incorporating features during the design phase that will enhance constructability. PtD will result in fewer delays in construction due to injuries, and savings in workers compensation premiums. Employers should have a system in place where safety and health professionals work with design engineers in "designing out" hazards throughout the design phase of their products.

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Additional Resources

  • NEW NIOSH Sound Level Meter App: Mobile app for iOS devices that can measure sound levels in the workplace.
  • Workers' Compensation Costs of Falls in Construction (PPT). Looks at workers' compensation data for injuries resulting from falls from elevations, ladders and scaffolds for construction workers in roofing and carpentry. The data are collected from insured employers in 38 states, a group which comprises approximately 1/3 of total workers' compensation benefits.
  • OSHA Construction Alliances. Provides a listing of signed alliances specific to construction, each providing information, guidance, and access to training resources that will help protect employees' health and safety.