New Compliance Assistance Products

The following are some of OSHA's recently issued or updated compliance assistance products. Many publications with an OSHA publication number can be downloaded or ordered from the OSHA Publications page. They can also be ordered by telephone from the OSHA Publications Office at (202) 693-1888 or (800) 321-OSHA (6742).


See OSHA’s COVID-19 web page for resources to keep employers and workers safe during the pandemic. These resources include alerts, enforcement memoranda, FAQs, posters, publications, and videos.

  • Earthquakes: Protect Rescue Workers and Emergency Responders After an Earthquake
    • English (PDF). OSHA Publication 3984, (2020, January ).
    • Spanish (PDF). OSHA Publication 3985, (2020, January).
  • Grain Engulfment: Protect Workers from Wet Grain Engulfment
    • English (PDF). OSHA Publication 3987, (2020, March).
    • Spanish (PDF). OSHA Publication 3988, (2020, March).
  • Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning While Working with Portable Generators
    • English (PDF). OSHA Publication 4105, (2020, November).
    • Spanish (PDF). OSHA Publication 4106, (2020, November).
  • Working Safely in Hot Weather
    • Spanish (PDF). OSHA Publication 4067, (2020, July).
Fact Sheets
  • Fire Safety (PDF). OSHA Publication FS-3527, (revised 2020, August).
  • Whistleblower Protection for Employees in the Aviation Industry
    • English (PDF). OSHA Publication FS-3670, (revised 2020, August).
    • Spanish (PDF). OSHA Publication FS-3671, (revised 2020, August).
  • Whistleblower Protection for Employees Who Report Federal Tax Law Violations
    • English (PDF). OSHA Publication FS-4047, (2020, June).
    • Spanish (PDF). OSHA Publication FS-4048, (2020, June).
  • Whistleblower Protection for Pipeline Facility Workers
    • English (PDF). OSHA Publication FS-4072, (2020, August).
    • Spanish (PDF). OSHA Publication FS-4073, (2020, August).
  • Stand Up 4 Grain Safety.
    • English (PDF). OSHA Publication 3967, (updated 2021, March)
    • Spanish (PDF). OSHA Publication 4113 (2021, March).
  • National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction
    • English (PDF). OSHA Publication 3774, (updated 2021, April).
    • Spanish (PDF). OSHA Publication 3775, (updated 2021, April).
  • Overview of the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program Application Process. (2020, June). 23:01 mins | Transcript
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