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Machine Guarding
Thermoforming Machines

Use the "Move Left" and "Move Right" links below to navigate around the machine.  Featured areas in the image are numbered and described in the "Featured Areas" section located below the image.

Thermoforming Machine Safety Tour - Slide 37
Featured Areas
(1) This door serves as a guard to prevent worker access to the Servo drive, pulley and belt. [Photo description: The highlighted area includes a small white door at the end of the machine.] View close-up
(2) The stacker is a bottom tool that pushes the parts upward through the plastic web. The tooling for the stacker is usually made from wood or aluminum and the operation can be automatically performed by a robotic process. [Photo description: The highlighted area resides inside the machine but is visible through an opening in the side. Moving parts can be seen which push parts up out the top.] View close-up

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