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  Dangle-head Delimber

The dangle head sits at the end of a boom on a "wrist-like swivel". The head has wheels in which pull the tree through, delimbs, measures, then cuts to length. These machines can process approximately 2 to 4 trees per minute depending on timber type and operator experience, with the operator fully enclosed in a protective cab. They require less landing space than the stroke delimber.

Dangle-head Delimber - Log positioned in "head"
Log positioned in "head."
Dangle-head Delimber - Log processing through "head"
Log processing through "head."

Stroke Delimber

The stroke delimber does not have a moveable head, it rather grabs the tree and pulls it through the main body as it removes the limbs and cuts to the desired length. As can be seen below, stroke delimbers grasp the tree at the butt end, extend the boom and sharp knives/arms conform to the bole and cut off the limbs as the stroke arm extends. There is a bucking saw that tops the tree at the minimum preset diameter. The bole is then drawn into the machine and a calibrated wheel/gear determines when the right log length is reached and the bucking saw does its work. Log lengths are precise.

Stroke Delimber - Cab side of stroke delimber
Cab side of stroke delimber.
Stroke Delimber - Working side of a stroke delimber
Working side of a stroke delimber.

Book There are no specific OSHA requirements for Delimbers. Please refer to General Requirements for Machines and Vechicles.


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