Application Materials


Submit a complete application package consisting of the following documents:

  1. Resume to document your professional experience (provide at a minimum the past 5 years of work experiences).
  2. A letter of support from the director of your academic program or the person responsible for your academic specialty. The letter should include:
    1. Name and address of faculty advisor, if different from the program director.
    2. Full title of your program of study.
    3. Confirmation of good academic standing.
    4. Documentation of the percentage of required academic credits you will have completed by the start of the internship. (You must have completed at least 50% of the required credit hours toward completion of the program of study by the start of the internship.)
    5. A statement of faculty support for your application. This statement should include an assessment of your skills and abilities, e.g., technical writing abilities; oral and written communications skills; ability to conceptualize and to work dependently/independently; team work skills, etc.
  3. Copies of the following items:
    1. List of graduate courses that will be completed by the start of the internship rotation period.
    2. Current nursing license. If your state prohibits the photocopying of the license, indicate
      this in your narrative and provide the licensure verification procedure for your state.
    3. If you are a board-certified occupational health nurse, a copy of your current certification. Indicate and submit copies of any other national certifications you hold.
  4. A personal narrative addressing the following items:
    1. Full title of your program of study.
    2. Describe how you meet the Graduate Nurse Internship Program eligibility criteria.
    3. Indicate your choice of eight-week internship period in your application. Internships typically take place between May and September.
    4. Considering the objectives of the internship program, explain why you are interested in the OSHA Graduate Nurse Internship Program.
    5. Describe the expertise and experience in occupational health and safety you bring to the internship relative to OSHA activities, e.g. work experience, formal education, research. Describe relevant OSHA experiences you have had, either in the past or at present.
    6. Indicate your potential areas of interest for projects at OSHA (see past projects and recent publications).
    7. Describe how this internship will further your overall professional goals.
  5. A technical writing sample written during your graduate study. The sample does not need to be written specifically for this application, but can be a document written for graduate school purposes. However, the sample document should be no older than three years, a maximum of 10 double-spaced pages with one-inch margins all-round; font should be Times New Roman, 12 pitch.