Past Graduate Nurse Internship Project Topics and Recent Graduate Nurse Intern Publications

Graduate Nurse Internship Past Project Topics
  • Workplace violence prevention programs in healthcare in OSHA enforcement cases
  • Adequacy of commercial workplace violence prevention programs in healthcare
  • Heat illness prevention programs in OSHA enforcement cases
  • Workplace medical units: appropriate management of worker injuries?
  • Medical management in OSHA poultry processing enforcement cases
  • Protecting healthcare workers from adverse reproductive effects of hazardous drugs
  • Decreasing campylobacter exposure in poultry processing workers
  • Work shifts, work scheduling, and worker fatigue
  • Nursing scope of practice and documentation standards
Recent Graduate Nurse Intern Publications

Arbury S, Lindsley M, Hodgson M. A Critical Review of OSHA Heat Enforcement Cases: Lessons Learned. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine 2016; 58:357-363.

Arbury S, Zankowski D, Lipscomb J, Hodgson M. Workplace Violence Prevention Training Programs in Health Care: An Analysis of Program Elements. Workplace Health & Safety 2017; 65:266-272.

Park S, Johnson MD, Hong O. Analysis of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) noise standard violations over 50 years: 1972 to 2019. Am J Ind Med. 2020;63(7):616-623.