Respirator Selection » The Advisor Genius: Selecting an Appropriate Respirator


This page provides an expert technical advisor which will assist you in choosing the proper respirator for your workplace. You will be given a series of choices, select the choices which best describe your workplace and working conditions. The advisor will then use your selections to recommend a respirator.

This advisor is based on the NIOSH Respirator Decision Logic and the OSHA Respirator Standard. [29 CFR 1910.134]

There are OSHA standards which have specific respirator requirements when certain contaminants are present in the workplace. Please review this list before proceeding with this advisor. When these contaminants are present in the workplace, the substance specific standard takes precedence over any recommendations provided by this selection decision logic.

Remember, that there are many variables which can influence respirator selection. Therefore, the result from this advisor does not guarantee compliance with OSHA regulations and should only be used as initial guidance.

Before You Begin

The Advisor Genius may ask you for the following information. Be prepared.

  • Percent of oxygen in the air. If you are working at normal atmospheric conditions, use a value of 21%.
  • Type of contaminant: particulate or gas
  • For gaseous contaminants, the maximum concentration of contaminants in the workplace in units of parts per million or milligrams per cubic meter.

NOTE: The Advisor Genius has been written using JavaScript. If your software does not support this, or you have JavaScript disabled, the Genius will not operate properly.

To print the report, you may use your browser's regular print menu options when viewing the finished report, by pressing the CTRL and P keys on your keyboard, or by clicking the "Print Report" link that will be available.