All Ergonomics Related Success Stories

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Utilities (NAICS 22)
Construction (NAICS 23)
Food Manufacturing (NAICS 311)
  • ConAgra Foods, (2002). Developed a comprehensive ergonomics program as part of their VPP effort. [NAICS 311611]
  • Taylor, an Excel Food Solutions Company, (2003). Beef processor added an ergonomics coordinator and annual training. [NAICS 311611]
  • Gold Kist, Inc., (2006). Poultry processor hired an ergonomist and instituted a program including a sharpening program. [NAICS 311615]
  • Tyson Foods of Monett. Poultry processor instituted an ergonomics program and an aggressive medical management program. [NAICS 311615]
Apparel Manufacturing (NAICS 315)
  • LL Bean, (2002). Apparel maker used OSHA logs, worker compensation data, and job evaluation to reduce injuries. [NAICS 3152]
Wood Product Manufacturing (NAICS 321)
  • American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) Member Company.
    • Clearing Product Jams, (2008). I-joist manufacturer changed guarding and access to improve working postures. [NAICS 321214]
  • Georgia Pacific Corporation, (2003). Wood I-beam manufacturer evaluated and improved work stations. [NAICS 321214]
Paper Manufacturing (NAICS 322)
Printing and Related Support Activities (NAICS 323)
  • Quad Graphics Inc., (2002). Commercial printing company developed an ergonomics program. [NAICS 323111]
Chemical Manufacturing (NAICS 325)
Machinery Manufacturing (NAICS 333)
  • Pitney Bowes, (2002). Instituted an ergonomics program in addition to its medical management program to reduce MSD hazards. [NAICS 3333]
  • International Truck and Engine Corporation (A subsidiary of Navistar International Corporation)
    • Workstation Redesigns, (2002). Redesigned workstations, improved racking and storage, and reevaluated and replace certain tools. [NAICS 333618]
    • "Ergo Dolly", (2002). Slips and trips were eliminated by creating a step that could be moved out of the way when not in use. [NAICS 333618]
Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing (NAICS 334)
  • Exabyte Corporation, (2002). Safety director received ergonomics training and evaluated and improved workstation. [NAICS 334112]
  • Intel Corporation. Hired ergonomists and created an ergonomics program. [NAICS 334413]
  • Sun Microsystems, Inc., (2002). New chairs and workstations were improved. [NAICS 334118]
  • Xandex Inc., (2002). Electronic assemblers were given better chairs and processes were improved with the help of their insurance carrier. [NAICS 334413]
Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Manufacturing (NAICS 335)
  • Rockwell Automation, (2005). An ergonomics program was implemented with workstation evaluation and redesign as well as implementation of ergonomic teams. [NAICS 3353]
  • Duracell, (2003). Implemented an ergonomics program which identified problems and improved workstations with better height adjustment, automated box makers and a rotation system. [NAICS 33591]
Transportation Equipment Manufacturing (NAICS 336)
  • Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc.
    • Motorized Carts and Racks, (2008). A motor was added to transport carts to assist with providing initial force to get carts moving. [NAICS Code 3361]
    • Orientation Training, (2009). Increased orientation training from 5 days to 10 days included on the job training and work hardening. [NAICS Code 3361]
    • Spring-Loaded Tool Fixture, (2006). Created a new spring loaded tool fixture to the “link arm” tightening process. [NAICS Code 3361]
  • Siemens VDO Automotive, (2002). Initiated a full ergonomics program for computer work station. [NAICS 3363]
  • Advanced Filtration Systems Inc.
  • DENSO Sales California, Inc., (2003). Developed in-house ergonomics expertise to evaluated and improve processing lines. [NAICS 3363]
Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing (NAICS 337)
Food and Beverage Stores (NAICS 445)
  • Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.
Transportation and Warehousing (NAICS 48-49)
  • San Mateo County Transit District, (2003). Used an ergonomist to analyze work process and developed ergonomics training program. [NAICS 485113]
  • American Forest & Paper Association Member Company, (Alliance Program Participant)
Information (NAICS 51)
Finance and Insurance (NAICS 52)
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (NAICS 54)
Educational Services (NAICS 61)
  • Colby College, (2002). Implemented an ergonomics assistance and implementation team to analyze processes and track implementation. [NAICS 611310]
Health Care and Social Assistance (NAICS 62)
Public Administration (NAICS 92)