Emptying Cutter Scrap Receptacles

Company: AF&PA member company
Industry: Combination of Plastic and Paperboard Folding Cartons – NAICS Code 32221
Task: Emptying Cutter Scrap Receptacles
Employees: 150
Success Brief:

Changed from using trash receptacles that were manually moved and dumped to using gaylords that are handled by forklifts.

The Problem:

Cutter scrap used to be placed in trash receptacles. When the bins were full, employees would manually pull/roll them to the recycle area, lift the containers and empty the contents. This led to several possible risk factors – force required to pull the full receptacles, force required to upend them, and awkward postures/forces required to empty contents.

The Solution:

We now use gaylords for operators to dispose of cutter scrap. When a Gaylord is full, a forklift retrieves it and takes it to the recycle area. This has eliminated all manual pushing, pulling and lifting.

Figure 1: Gaylord design being used for disposing of scrap

Figure 1: Gaylord design being used for disposing of scrap.

The Impact:

This change has removed muscle strain inherent in manually moving heavily loaded trash receptacles and emptying them.