Springs Window Fashions

State: Pennsylvania
Company: Springs Window Fashions, Montgomery, Pennsylvania
Industry: Manufacturing - SIC Code: 2591
Employees: 850
Success Brief:

Spring Window Fashions, a participant in OSHA's Voluntary Protection Programs, replaced heavy steel parts in machine press dies with light-weight aluminum, resulting in greatly reduced injuries to employees who must hand position the dies into the press.

The Problem:

Machine press operators experienced sprains, strains, and cuts when changing dies in machine presses. Each of the single ram cut-off dies weighed approximately 25 pounds and had to be positioned by hand into the press.

The Solution:

The heavy steel die parts were replaced with light-weight aluminum, reducing overall weight and making the die much easier to handle.

The Impact:

In the past year, there has not been a single compensable injury from performing this task.

  • Dell Pratt, Safety and Security Manager (April 2003).