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New Jersey Work Environment Council
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The grantee presented a series of Process Safety Management (PSM) training courses for employees, members of safety and health committees, and union and management officials from New Jersey facilities covered by OSHAs PSM standard. Training materials include a PSM booklet, compliance checklist, and curriculum.

Process Safety Management
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Preventing Chemical Accidents
1. Introduction to Process Safety Management 66 pages DOC* 1.0 MB
2. Introduction to Process Hazard Analysis 30 pages DOC* 711 KB
3. Developing an Effective Hot Work Program 25 pages DOC* 708 KB
4. Mechanical Integrity: Preventing Maintenance Breakdowns 34 pages DOC* 1.1 MB
5. Understanding MSDS's & Assessing Chemical Hazards 46 pages DOC* 3.3 KB
6. Electrical Hazards: Safe Lockout/Tagout Procedures 28 pages DOC* 1.3 MB
7. Systems of Safety 32 pages DOC* 773 KB
8. Managing Process Changes 24 pages DOC* 756 KB
9. Hazard Mapping 24 pages DOC* 1.1 MB
10. Employee Participation 16 pages DOC* 848 KB
11. Effective Safety and Health Committees 80 pages DOC* 11.4 MB
12. Understanding New Jersey's Inherently Safer Technology Rule 24 pages DOC* 735 KB
Process Safety Management versus Toxic Catastrophe Prevention Act 9 pages DOC* 94 KB
Compliance Checklist 7 pages PDF* 58 KB
PSM Booklet 10 pages PDF* 872 KB
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