Log Handling, Sorting and Storing » Rough Sizing and Debarking

This section covers rough cutting or sizing of the logs, and the process of removing bark. Click on the following links for more specific information:


Cutoff saw operator's booth

Contact with saw blades may occur if proper safeguards are not in place.

  • Swing saws on log decks must be equipped with a barricade and stops for protection of employees who may be on the opposite side of the log haul chute. 1910.265(d)(3)(v)

Cutoff saw
  • Where reciprocating log cutoff saws (drag saws) are provided, they must not project into the walkway or aisle. 1910.265(d)(3)(vi)

Cutoff saw that does not project into walkway.
  • Circular log bucking or cutoff saws shall be so located and guarded as to allow safe entrance to and exit from the building. 1910.265(d)(3)(vii)

A guarded walkway protects workers from the cutoff saw.
  • Where the cutoff saw partially blocks the entrance from the log haul runway, the entrance must be guarded. 1910.265(d)(3)(viii)


Debarked logs

Employees may be struck by logs, flying chips, bark, or other materials that come from rotary barking devices.

  • Rotary barking devices must be guarded to protect employees from flying chips, bark, or other material. 1910.265(d)(4)(i)

  • If an elevating ramp or gate is used, it must possess a safety chain, hook, or other means of suspension while employees are underneath. 1910.265(d)(4)(ii)

  • The hazardous area around ring barkers and their conveyors must be fenced off or posted as a prohibited area. 1910.265(d)(4)(iii)

  • Hydraulic barkers must be enclosed with strong baffles at the inlet and outlet. The operator must be protected by adequate safety glass or equivalent. 1910.265(d)(4)(iv)

  • Holddown rolls must be installed at the infeed and outfeed sections of mechanical ring barkers to control the movement of logs. 1910.265(d)(4)(v)

Infeed to debarker
Outfeed from rotary debarker
Hand debarking with draw knife
No one in working area while a debarker is in action.
Employee cleaning debarker area
Rotary debarking head
Mechanical debarking head Close-up of debarker in action