A chipper is a machine that cuts material into small chips. Hazards are created when workers get too close to or make contact with the chipper. Workers may also be injured from the material that is thrown from the machine. To minimize these hazards, appropriate engineering and work practice controls must be used as discussed below.



Workers may make contact with or fall into the chipper.

Chipper knife
Chipper knife
  • The feed system to the chipper needs to be arranged so the operator does not stand in direct line with the chipper spout (hopper). The chipper spout must be enclosed to a height not less than 36 inches from the floor or operator's platform. A safety belt and lifeline must be worn by workers when working at or near the spout, unless the spout is guarded. The lifeline needs to be short enough to prevent workers from falling into the chipper. 1910.265(c)(21)(i)

  • Hog mills must be designed so that no position on the rim of the chute is less than 40 inches from the cutter knives. 1910.265(c)(21)(ii)(a)

  • Provide employees who feed hog mills with safety belts and lines, unless guarded. 1910.265(c)(21)(ii)(c)

Workers may be injured from flying materials.

  • Provide hog feed chutes with suitable and approved baffles that minimize material from being thrown from the mill. 1910.265(c)(21)(ii)(b)