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Document Holders

Document holders keep printed materials needed during computer tasks close to the user and the monitor. Proper positioning of document holders depends on the task performed and the type of document being used. Appropriate placement of the holder may reduce or eliminate risk factors such as awkward head and neck postures, fatigue, headaches, and eye strain.

The position of the document holder is also related to the placement of the monitor, keyboard, and a well-adjusted chair.

Document Holder Quick Tips

  • Documents should be at the same height and distance as the monitor.
Figure 1. Screen and document holder are close together and same distance from the eye Figure 2. Example of in-line document holder

Potential Hazard

Documents positioned too far from the monitor may require awkward head postures or frequent movements of the head and neck to look from the monitor to a document. Those awkward postures can lead to muscle fatigue and discomfort of the head, neck, and shoulders.

Possible Solutions

  • Document holders should
    • Allow you to place documents at or about the same height and distance as the monitor screen (Figure 1), and
    • Be stable when loaded with heavier documents such as a textbook (Figure 2).
  • A document holder can be positioned directly beneath the monitor (Figure 2). This provides a sturdy writing surface, if written entries are necessary, and reduces frequent movement of the head, neck, or back.
  • Task lighting on the document should not cause glare on the monitor.