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National and Special Emphasis Programs: Impact on Small Business Employers
The Directorate of Cooperative and State Programs

"National and Special Emphasis Programs:
Impact on Small Business Employers"
Guest Speakers:

Richard Fairfax
Director of Enforcement Programs, OSHA

Warren Rice
Program Manager, Virginia Department of Labor & Industry,
Occupational Safety and Health Training Division

Richard Douglas
Life Stride, Inc., Washington, D.C.

March 24, 2009
10:00 a.m. - Noon

Session Overview:.
  • Explain the development and implementation procedures of
    National Emphasis Programs (NEP).
  • Discuss the relationship between OSHA Consultation and Enforcement
    in addressing NEPs and how it affects small businesses.
  • Describe how OSHA Consultation assists the small business community on NEPs.
  • Share resources that are available to small businesses.
Light refreshments will be served.
RSVP with Russell Jones (202) 693-2532 or
Charlene Crawford (202) 693-2165 by March 20, 2009.