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Success stories from OSHA's On-Site Consultation Program and Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) recognize both the important work of On-Site Consultation and small business employers who operate exemplary safety and health programs. On-Site Consultation and SHARP are voluntary programs. To submit a request for a comprehensive consultation, see OSHA's Consultation Directory.

Authorized representatives from SHARP companies who would like to share their story of workplace safety and health may do so by working with their On-Site Consultant. To locate the On-Site Consultation program nearest you, see OSHA's Consultation Directory.


Featured Success Stories

Iowa OSHA On-Site Consultation Provides Assistance During Tornado Cleanup

On March 5, 2022, three supercells swept across Iowa, producing several tornadoes. On March 7, 2022, Iowa OSHA On-Site Consultation staff assembled in Winterset, Iowa with city officials and the Madison County Emergency Management Group to coordinate cleanup and recovery efforts. Consultation staff offered their assistance and gave a well-received presentation to contractors on-site providing their equipment to local volunteers. During the tornado cleanup, no injuries or loss of life occurred. The City of Winterset and Madison County Emergency Management Group have maintained an open line of communication with Iowa Consultation to further their knowledge and keep contractors and volunteers safe during the cleanup efforts.

With Assistance from Wisconsin Consultation, The Legacy at St. Joseph’s Stays SHARP

The Legacy at St. Joseph’s discovered WisCon, OSHA’s On-Site Consultation Program in Wisconsin in 2012 when they were notified by OSHA that their Days Away Restricted or Transferred (DART) rate was high, which could lead to a site-specific targeting inspection. The Legacy at St. Joseph’s received their first On-Site Consultation visit in October 2012. Throughout the years that helpful relationship has continued and flourished, allowing The Legacy at St. Joseph’s to realize that OSHA exists to keep workers safe, not to penalize them. After working on their safety and health plan, the facility applied for and received initial Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) approval in 2013 and received their most recent renewal in September 2021. The Legacy at St. Joseph’s said the consultants were especially helpful as they adapted their COVID-19 plan to follow the new COVID-19 Healthcare ETS (Emergency Temporary Standard.) They no longer think workplace hazards are “just part of the job” but look at safety as an ongoing process that involves every staff member, every day.

Massachusetts On-Site Consultation Assists With Engineering Control Method to Lower Isoflurane Exposure in a Massachusetts Animal Hospital

In 2021, an animal hospital that services domestic animals for wellness and sick appointments, surgeries, and dog and cat teeth cleanings reached out to Massachusetts On-Site Consultation to get assistance with their safety and health program and to improve their safety culture. The health consultant conducted personal exposure monitoring for formaldehyde and isoflurane during three surgeries. The consultant found two personal exposures to isoflurane that exceeded the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Recommended Exposure Limit (REL) for halogenated anesthetic waste gases. On January 26, 2022, after the company installed an active scrubber system, Consultation returned to the clinic to complete repeated personal air sampling during three spays and one lumpectomy. The sampling results indicated that exposures had decreased from 5.6 ppm to 1.4 ppm, which is below the NIOSH REL of 2.0 ppm.

Nevada Consultation Uses Soundproof Booth to Provide Online COVID-19 Training

In 2021, the Nevada Safety Consultation and Training Sections (SCATS) applied for and received funding from the U.S. Department of Labor through the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act of 2021. These funds were to be used for activities aimed at protecting workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and the post-pandemic recovery period. With the funds awarded, Nevada SCATS purchased a soundproof broadcast booth to allow for online and hybrid classes to support their COVID-19 training and outreach campaign. Through May 25, 2022, SCATS has conducted 46 online training classes and has trained 864 students using the broadcast booth.

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