Alphabetic Index of OSHA Occupational Chemical Database - Z

OSHA Chemical Data Table
Chemical Name CAS # Analyte code (IMIS #) Synonyms
  • 2611; request using analyte code 2611 or 2587

zinc dichloride fume

  • 2610
  • 2610
  • Z102 (total) [request analyte codes 9135 & Z102], Z103 (resp); [request analyte codes 9130 & Z103]

zinc peroxide

  • 2616 (total); request using analyte code 9135
  • Z104 (resp); request using analyte code 9130

dibasic zinc stearate; zinc salt of stearic acid; zinc distearate

ZINEB 12122-67-7
  • R242

ethylene bis(dithiocarbamate)]zinc; Micide; Aaphytora; Aspor; Bercema; Blizene, Carbadine; Cineb; Dithane Z; Dithiamina; ENT 14; Novozin; Lonacol; Parzate C; Phytox; Tanazon; Zidan; Zebtox; Metiram

  • 2620

zirconium metal: zirconium. Synonyms of other zirconium compounds vary depending upon the specific compound.

† indicates that exposure to the analyte is subject to an OSHA PEL (e.g., Table Z-1) or other OSHA regulatory limit.
‡ indicates that exposure to the analyte is regulated under an OSHA expanded standard.