Sampling and Analytical Methods


OSHA Compliance Officers should consult the OSHA Occupational Chemical Database prior to sampling, for current information regarding correct media and flow rates.

OSHA maintains a large number of methods, and in some instances a method may remain available for use, but with different sampling requirements than specified in a given method. The correct sampling media and flow rate information for specific analytes is consolidated under the OSHA Occupational Chemical Database, along with sampling group information when more than one analyte may be sampled together on a single sampling medium. The Occupational Chemical Database entry for an analyte also provides a link to the specific OSHA sampling and analysis method to be used for that analyte.

These procedures were designed and tested for internal use by OSHA personnel. Mention of any company name or commercial product does not constitute endorsement by OSHA. They are subject to revision and modification at any time. Method users are encouraged to check the webpage to verify that any printed copy of a method is the current procedure.

Index of Sampling and Analytical Methods

This is an alphabetical list of chemicals that have either a validated or partially validated OSHA method. Some chemicals may be listed by their common synonym. The index includes the method number, validation status, CAS no., analytical instrument and sampling device. A key for abbreviations is located at the end of the index.

Protocols for Methods Evaluation

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