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Young Workers Serving Quiz
 1.  Repetitive reaching and lifting may cause which of the following: 
(check the best answer)

 2.  When carrying a load of plates or other heavy objects, elbows should be:
(check all that apply)

 3.  When serving, which of the following is NOT a potential burn hazard?
(check all that apply)

 4.  Which of the following can be used to prevent burns when serving?
(check all that apply)

 5.  Which of the following is the best type of shoe to wear to reduce the risk of slipping? (check the best answer)

 6.  Which of the following is the best way to prevent collisions and falls when walking between the kitchen and service areas?  (check the best answer)

 7.  What is the leading cause of death among Teen workers in retail/service jobs? 
(check the best answer)

 8.  The best way to help discourage robbery attempts is: (check the best answer)