Young Workers Resources Quiz
 1.  What is the name of the federal law that includes rules about child labor?
(check the best answer)

  • Occupational Safety and Health Act
  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • School-To-Work Opportunities Act
  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act
 2.  Young workers have the right to which of the following? (check all that apply)

 3.  Which laws enforced by the Department of Labor protect adolescent workers?
(check two)

 4.  The FLSA and state laws provide child labor provisions that were designed to protect minors in non-agricultural and agricultural employment by restricting the types of jobs and the number of hours they may work. (check the best answer)

 5.  Which law is in effect if state law and federal laws are different? (check the best answer)

 6.  Which of the following is legal for a 14-15 year old to do? (check all that apply)

 7.  Youth employment laws prohibit young workers younger than 18 years of age working in hazardous occupations. Which of the following jobs are not permitted? (check all that apply)

 8.  When a young worker turns 18: (check all that apply)

 9.  The federal law limits the hours 14-15 years olds can work (in non-agricultural areas): (check all that apply)

 10.  What can employers do to keep young workers safer on the job?
(check all that apply)