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Young Workers Delivery Quiz
 1.  Why should heavy boxes or frequently used items be stored on lower shelves?
(check all that apply)
 2.  To help protect workers from lifting-related injuries, what kind of training should be offered by employers? (check the best answer)
 3.  A walkway area (like hallways) can be especially dangerous for slips, trips, and falls if it is: (check all that apply)
 4.  In order to best prevent anyone from slipping, spills should be: (check best answer)
 5.  Workers can be exposed to extreme warm or cold temperatures during deliveries if the receiving area is: (check the best answer)
 6.  If someone spends a long period of time or gets trapped inside a cold-storage area (walk in refrigerators and freezers), they could suffer from: (check the best answer)
 7.  What is the best way to prevent workers from getting trapped in cold-storage areas? (check the best answer)
 8.  According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Young Workers younger than 16 years old are not allowed to work in freezer areas.