Young Workers Clean-up Quiz
1.  Which of the following can be caused by overfilling bussing containers with dirty dishes? (check the best answer)
2.  Which of the following can workers be provided with to help prevent strains and sprains when bussing a table? (check the best answer)
3.  Which of the following can cause burns when working with a continuous feed dishwasher? (check the best answer)
4.  Whenever a pot or pan is on a stove, the worker should assume that it is:
(check the best answer)
5.  Which of the following is NOT a hazardous chemical? (check the best answer)
6.  Which of the following is NOT required for workers using hazardous chemicals?
(check the best answer)
7.  Slips, trips, and falls can best be avoided when spills are cleaned up:
(check the best answer)
8.  At what level should items be carried so that slips, trips, and falls can be prevented? (check the best answer)
9.  Why is it dangerous to leave dirty knives in a sink? (check the best answer)
10.  Which of the following is the best way to clean-up broken glass? (check the best answer)
11.  Why is it dangerous to mop floors around electrical outlets? (check the best answer)
12.  How can workers prevent getting shocked or electrocuted when cleaning electrical appliances? (check the best answer)
13.  Which of the following ways is the safest way to store pesticides?
(check the best answer)
14.  Employers must provide which of the following for workers that handle pesticides? (check the best answer)