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Electrical Incidents
Electricity has become essential to modern life. Perhaps because it is such a familiar part of our surroundings, it often is not treated with the respect it deserves.

Safety and health programs must address electrical incidents and the variety of ways electricity becomes a hazard. In general, OSHA requires [29 CFR 1926.416(a)(1)] that employees not work near any part of an electrical power circuit unless protected. The following hazards are the most frequent cause of electrical injuries:
Did You Know? Approximately 350 Electrical-Related Fatalities Occur Each Year

Did you know?
Approximately 350 electrical-
related fatalities occur
each year.

Overhead power lines Contact with Power Lines
Receptacles Lack of Ground-Fault Protection
Plug missing its grounding pin Path to Ground Missing or Discontinuous
Handy box improperly used as an extension cord receptacle Equipment Not Used in Manner Prescribed
Cords improperly wired directly to the electrical circuit
Improper Use of Extension and Flexible Cords

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