Young Workers - Construction: Build a Safe Work Foundation


Safety and Health

Explore OSHA's Safety and Health Topics Pages and information bulletins to learn more about workplace safety. Some hazards may be biological or physical, others may be chemical. You have the right to know what hazards are in your workplace.

Safety and Health Management Systems (SHMS) are good for small businesses. The best Safety and Health Programs involve every level of the organization. These programs instill a safety culture that reduces accidents for workers and improves the bottom line for managers. When Safety and Health are part of the organization and a way of life, everyone wins! Learn how $afety Pays!

Your employer is required to provide you with a safety and healthful workplace.

  • Employers are required to provide medical and first-aid personnel and supplies. Take a look at some best practice guidelines offered by OSHA.
  • The training program, Safety and Health Management System for Small Construction Companies, provides safety and health training materials for the executive, the safety officer and the safety specialist. It can expand your knowledge and safety skills.
  • Talking Safety on the job is a vital ability for the teen to build. This ability makes you an indispensable part of a construction team. Learn what resources your state provides the working teen to develop this all-important skill.