Workplace Stress

Outreach Materials

It is imperative to talk about mental health; shine light on the stressors; strategize about ways to alleviate stress them; and be on the lookout for signs and symptoms of stress and mental health emergencies so that people can either direct themselves, their friends, co-workers or family members to helpful coping and resiliency resources or other supportive networks and services if needed. The key is to build awareness, and the outreach products identified below will help with that goal. Workers and employers alike will benefit from the information, and the latter may wish to use these resources as building blocks for creating an awareness campaign within their organization. Employers, unions, and worker organizations can and should take all steps to protect the mental health of workers. Unions and worker organizations can also serve an important role in supporting workplace mental health and well-being through their member services as well as their outreach and community engagement work.

OSHA Resources
  • Support One Another Toolkit (ZIP) Spanish (ZIP). Provides tips on creating a workplace culture that support mental health by talking about mental health.
  • Working Together poster. Provides a brief overview of steps employers and workers can take to address stress and mental health in the workplace.
  • Supporting Your Co-Workers poster. Provides concrete tips that people can use to support their co-workers, offering suggestions on how to be respectful when broaching stress and mental health topics, how to listen compassionately, how to determine if more assistance is needed, and how to follow up on concerns.
  • Worker-Fatigue Webpage. Focuses on worker fatigue and includes information about the impact of demanding work schedules and measures workers and employers can take to prevent worker fatigue and fatigue-related injuries and illnesses by providing or participating in education, training, and fatigue management programs.
  • Helping Your Co-Workers and Yourself poster. Offers general tips on ways employers and co-workers can help each other address stress and mental health, and advice for those currently facing mental health challenges.