In the aftermath of a wildfire, workers may be involved in a variety of response and recovery operations. Some operations, such as utility restoration, cleaning up spills of hazardous materials, and search and rescue, should only be conducted by workers who have the proper training, equipment and experience.

What to do during a Wildfire

In the event that there is not enough time to evacuate or if workers are caught in circumstances where they cannot follow the evacuation plan, the Ready.gov - Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) website offers guidance on what to do during a wildfire if in a vehicle, in a residence, or out in the open.


Wildfires may create a variety of hazards for workers involved in cleanup operations as well as for workers in affected communities. The following resources address common hazards associated with wildfires and highlight useful precautions for workers:


Firefighters and other responders may face particularly challenging situations and hazards as they perform their activities. The following resources provide guidance on how responders can protect themselves during response operations:

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