Management Leadership

Management leadership means there is a commitment from the top to implementing a program and using it to drive continuous improvement in safety and health.

Why Is It Important?

When management leadership is sincere and is supported by actions, workers know that safety and health are important to business success. This means that the steps they take to improve safety and health will be valued by the business.

Top management can demonstrate its commitment in many different ways, including:

  • Developing and communicating a safety and health policy statement.
  • Providing the resources needed to implement and operate the program.
  • Factoring safety and health into operational planning and decisions.
  • Recognizing or rewarding safety and health contributions and achievements.
  • Leading by example, by practicing safe behaviors and making safety part of daily conversations.


Take 3 in 30
Take 3 in 30 Challenge

Accelerate your program and show your commitment in your workplace. Take 3 actions in 30 days, then share in your workplace and accept your challenge coin!

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Lead With Safety
Lead With Safety Challenge

Managers, we challenge you to show how you Lead with Safety. Identify a safety or health issue in your workplace and take steps to address it today to earn your challenge coin.

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Champion Safety
Champion Safety Challenge

We challenge employers, managers, and supervisors to recognize safety champions! Recognizing workers' safety efforts not only demonstrates how highly you regard workplace safety, but also increases safety awareness and reinforces safe work practices.

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Hazard Huddle
Hazard Huddle Challenge

A safe workplace needs a team who openly communicate safety concerns. Take the Hazard Huddle challenge to hold a discussion with your workers about the hazards they may face on the job. Use this information to implement hazard controls or perform a job hazard analysis.

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Worksheets and Other Activities

Management Leadership Worksheet – Building Your Case (PDF)

Management Leadership Worksheet – Writing your Policy (PDF)

Management Safety Pledge (PDF)

Resources on Management Leadership

Be Safe + Sound At Work: Management Leadership (PDF)

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Safety Walk-Arounds for Managers (PDF)

Foundations for Safety Leadership

Speaking of Safety

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AIHA - Protecting Worker Health
VPP - Voluntary Protection Programs Participants' Association - The Premier Global Safety and Health Organization
ASSP - American Society of Safety Professionals
National Safety Council
CPWR - The Center for Construction Research and Training
NIOSH - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health