Heat Illness Prevention

Employer Responsibilities

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, employers are responsible for providing workplaces free of known safety and health hazards. This includes protecting workers from heat-related hazards. Here are some actions you should take:

Create a Heat Illness Prevention Plan

Are your workers exposed to high temperatures, either indoors or outside? Use these resources to develop a heat illness prevention program:

Protecting Workers from the Effects of Heat (PDF)

Employer Responsibility Infographics (ZIP)

Consultation Infographics (ZIP)

OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool App for iPhone and Android.

Provide Training for Workers

Employers should provide training to workers, including supervisors, so they understand heat exposure risks, prevention actions, and first aid.

Prevent Heat Illness at Work

Heat Illness: Prevent Heat Illness at Work Poster (PDF) Español (PDF)

Heat illness signs and symptoms

Heat Illness Signs and Symptoms Infographic English (ZIP) Español (ZIP)

Know First Aid for Heat Illness

Employers and workers should become familiar with the symptoms of heat illness. When any of these symptoms are present, promptly provide first aid.

Heat Illness Medical Emergency Infographic (ZIP) Español (ZIP)

Share Materials with Workers

Provide your workers with information so they understand the risks of heat exposure and what actions to take. Keep materials easily accessible in the workplace.

Pocket-Sized Pamphlet (PDF) Español (PDF) Additional Languages

Protecting workers from heat stress

Protecting Workers from the Effects of Heat QuickCard (PDF) Español (PDF) Tiếng Việt (PDF)

Prevent heat illness at work

Prevent Heat Illness at Work: OSHA Alert (PDF) Español (PDF)