File a Complaint/Report an Unsafe Product

As part of OSHA’s continuous auditing and assessment of each NRTL, we are interested in receiving any information that you may have about an unsafe product  that you may encounter, or any information that you may have that demonstrates how an NRTL does not comply with the NRTL Program requirements in 29 CFR 1910.7(b).

OSHA will review the information provided, and may contact you for additional information.  If the complaint is valid and actionable, OSHA will contact the NRTL, and take appropriate steps to resolve the issue.  OSHA will advise you when the complaint has been resolved.

If you would like to provide OSHA with photographs, drawings, documents or additional details, please e-mail them directly to or mail them to: OSHA NRTL Program, 200 Constitution Avenue NW, Room N-3655, Washington, DC 20210.