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Training [29 CFR 1926.761]

In steel erection, training is a key element in the employer's accident prevention program. Since the employer can choose the provider, method and frequency of training that is appropriate for the employees being trained, the employer has flexibility in developing and implementing a training program. However, to achieve increased safety in steel erection, the following requirements must be implemented in all training programs.

Employee training must be provided by a qualified person. [29 CFR 1926.761(a)]

All employees exposed to fall hazards must be trained and instructed in the following areas [29 CFR 1926.761(b)]:

  • The recognition and identification of fall hazards in the work area. [29 CFR 1926.761(b)(1)]
  • The use and operation of protective systems, such as guardrail systems, personal fall-arrest systems, positioning-device systems, fall- restraint systems, safety-net systems, and other protection to be used. [29 CFR 1926.761(b)(2)]
  • The correct procedures for erecting, maintaining, disassembling, and inspecting the fall protection systems to be used. [29 CFR 1926.761(b)(3)]
  • Procedures for protection from falls to lower levels and into holes and openings in walking/working surfaces and walls. [29 CFR 1926.761(b)(4)]
  • The fall protection requirements of this subpart. [29 CFR 1926.761(b)(5)]
Multiple lift

The employer must also provide special training to employees involved in the following activities [29 CFR 1926.761(c)]: