When working on or in lifeboats, care should be taken to ensure the lifeboat does not fall.

Figure 1: Workers subjected to fall hazards in suspended lifeboat

Potential Hazard

Injuries have the potential to occur due to workers falling out of lifeboats or the lifeboat being released from suspension with workers inside.

Figure 2: Improper practice - Worker must not be in a life boat while it is hoisted into the final stowed position

Requirements and Example Solution

Work must not be performed in or on a stowed or suspended lifeboat unless the lifeboat is secured independently from its releasing gear (29 CFR 1915.86(a)). Workers are prohibited from being located in a lifeboat while it is being hoisted or lowered, unless deemed necessary during operational tests or drills over water, or in the event of an emergency (29 CFR 1915.86(b)). No work is permitted on the outboard side of a lifeboat that is stowed on its chocks, unless the lifeboat is secured by gripes or another device that prevents it from swinging (29 CFR 1915.86(c)).