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Docket Number: NRTL-1-93
Main Address & Phone: Wyle Laboratories
7800 Highway 20 West
P.O. Box 077777
Huntsville, Alabama 35807
Site 1 Name & Address: Wyle Laboratories
7800 Highway 20 West
P.O. Box 077777
Huntsville, Alabama 35807
Effective Date 1: July 22, 1994
Last Federal Register Notice: 76: 55709-55710, September 8, 2011

2. Acceptance of testing data from independent organizations, other than NRTLs.
3. Acceptance of product evaluations from independent organizations, other than NRTLs.
4. Acceptance of witnessed testing data.
5. Acceptance of testing data from non-independent organizations.
6. Acceptance of evaluation data from non-independent organizations (requiring NRTL review prior to marketing).
7. Acceptance of continued certification following minor modifications by the client.
8. Acceptance of product evaluations from organizations that function as part of the International Electrotechnical Commission Certification Body (IEC-CB) Scheme.
9. Acceptance of services other than testing or evaluation performed by subcontractors or agents.
Product Standards:
UL 22Amusement and Gaming Machines
UL 44Rubber-Insulated Wires and Cables
UL 48Electric Signs
UL 62Flexible Cord and Fixture Wire
UL 65Wired Cabinets
UL 67Panelboards
UL 73Motor-Operated Appliances
UL 83Thermoplastic-Insulated Wires and Cables
UL 153Portable Electric Lamps
UL 154Carbon-Dioxide Fire Extinguishers
UL 187X-Ray Equipment
UL 429Electrically Operated Valves
UL 467Grounding and Bonding Equipment
UL 484Room Air Conditioners
UL 486A-486BWire Connectors
UL 486CSplicing Wire Connectors
UL 486DInsulated Wire Connectors for Use With Underground Conductors
UL 489Molded-Case Circuit Breakers and Circuit-Breaker Enclosures
UL 498Attachment Plugs and Receptacles
UL 499Electric Heating Appliances
UL 507Electric Fans
UL 508Industrial Control Equipment
UL 510Insulating Tape
UL 512Fuseholders
UL 539Single and Multiple Station Heat Detectors
UL 541Refrigerated Vending Machines
UL 544Electric Medical and Dental Equipment
UL 745-1Portable Electric Tools
UL 745-2-1Particular Requirements of Drills
UL 745-2-2Particular Requirements for Screwdrivers and Impact Wrenches
UL 745-2-3Particular Requirements for Grinders, Polishers, and Disk-Type Sanders
UL 745-2-4Particular Requirements for Sanders
UL 745-2-5Particular Requirements for Circular Saws and Circular Knives
UL 745-2-6Particular Requirements for Hammers
UL 745-2-8Particular Requirements for Shears and Nibblers
UL 745-2-9Particular Requirements for Tappers
UL 745-2-11Particular Requirements for Reciprocating Saws
UL 745-2-12Particular Requirements for Concrete Vibrators
UL 745-2-14Particular Requirements for Planers
UL 745-2-17Particular Requirements for Routers and Trimmers
UL 745-2-30Particular Requirements for Staplers
UL 745-2-31Particular Requirements for Diamond Core Drills
UL 745-2-32Particular Requirements for Magnetic Drill Presses
UL 745-2-33Particular Requirements for Portable Bandsaws
UL 745-2-34Particular Requirements for Strapping Tools
UL 745-2-35Particular Requirements for Drain Cleaners
UL 745-2-36Particular Requirements for Hand Motor Tools
UL 745-2-37Particular Requirements for Plate Jointers
UL 813Commercial Audio Equipment
UL 817Cord Sets and Power-Supply Cords
UL 845Motor Control Centers
UL 854Service-Entrance Cables
UL 863Time-Indicating and -Recording Appliances
UL 916Energy Management Equipment
UL 924Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment
UL 943Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupters
UL 961Electric Hobby and Sports Equipment
UL 977Fused Power-Circuit Devices
UL 998Humidifiers
UL 1004Electric Motors
UL 1008Automatic Transfer Switches
UL 1012Power Supplies
UL 1018Electric Aquarium Equipment
UL 1028Hair Clipping and Shaving Appliances
UL 1059Terminal Blocks
UL 1066Low-Voltage AC and DC Power Circuit Breakers Used in Enclosures
UL 1069Hospital Signaling and Nurse-Call Equipment
UL 1077Supplementary Protectors for Use in Electrical Equipment
UL 1097Double Insulation Systems for Use in Electrical Equipment
UL 1236Battery Chargers
UL 1244Electrical and Electronic Measuring and Testing Equipment
UL 1283Electromagnetic Interference Filters
UL 1310Class 2 Power Units
UL 1437Electrical Analog Instruments, Panelboard Types
UL 1449Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors
UL 1564Industrial Battery Chargers
UL 1598Luminaires
UL 1664Immersion-Detection Circuit-Interrupters
UL 1673Electric Space Heating Cables
UL 1778Uninterruptible Power Supply Equipment
UL 1863Communication Circuit Accessories
UL 1995Heating and Cooling Equipment
UL 5085-1Low Voltage Transformers--Part 1: General Requirements
UL 5085-3Low Voltage Transformers--Part 3: Class 2 and Class 3 Transformers
UL 60745-1Hand-Held Motor-Operated Electric Tools--Safety--Part 1: General
UL 60950Information Technology Equipment
UL 61010B-1Electrical Measuring and Test Equipment; Part 1: General Requirements