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When an organization is no longer part of the NRTL Program, OSHA cannot accept this organization’s NRTL-related product certifications if they occur on or after the date that its NRTL recognition was terminated by OSHA. Click here to find each date.

The following examples describe actions that would, for purposes of the NRTL Program, constitute invalid product certifications by an organization on or after the date that its NRTL recognition was terminated by OSHA.
  • Authorizing manufacturers to use its mark by imprinting the NRTL’s mark on labels or on products;
  • Authorizing manufactures to use or apply labels containing the NRTL’s mark;
  • Issuing labels containing the NRTL’s mark to manufacturers; or
  • Manufacturers applying the NRTL’s mark or labels containing this mark to products.

However, the certifications would be valid after the recognition termination date provided another NRTL assumes responsibility for certifying the affected products, and these types of products fall within the other NRTL’s scope of recognition. This other NRTL may continue certifying the affected products because it acquired the terminated NRTL, or acquired the terminated NRTL’s mark or the exclusive right to use this mark.

If another NRTL does not assume responsibility for certifying the products, then, for the terminated NRTL’s product certifications to be valid under OSHA’s NRTL Program, these products must be:
  1. Identical to the product model(s) that the terminated NRTL authorized for certification when it was part of the NRTL Program; and
  2. Manufactured, and have a mark affixed to them, prior to the effective date of termination; or, if the NRTL withdrew its certification of the product at an earlier date, then manufactured and marked no later than this earlier date.

Information Pertaining to Specific Organizations No Longer Recognized

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