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What is Site-Based Participation?

Site-based participation continues VPP's traditional acceptance of applications from fixed worksites and some long-term construction sites.

OSHA welcomes site-based VPP participation and accepts VPP applications from the owners and site officials who control site operations and have ultimate responsibility for assuring safe and healthful working conditions of:

  • Private-sector fixed worksites in general industry and the maritime industry
  • Construction worksites/projects that will have been in operation for at least 12 months at projected time of approval and that expect to continue in operation for at least an additional 12 months
  • Federal-sector fixed worksites
  • Resident contractors at participating VPP sites for the contractors' operations at those VPP sites
  • Resident contractors at non-participating sites for the contractors' operations at those sites, so long as the resident contractors are part of a larger organization approved to participate under the corporate option