Official VPP Logo

Use of the Voluntary Protection Programs Logo

OSHA strives to provide opportunities for employers and employees to work cooperatively with the agency to address and improve workplace safety and health issues. One opportunity is through the OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP). VPP is OSHA's premiere recognition program designed to recognize worksites with comprehensive safety and health management systems that incorporate strong management commitment and meaningful, active employee involvement. VPP is open to qualified private and public sector employers in all industries where OSHA has jurisdiction.

The VPP logo is the property of OSHA and is not available for general use. Since the logo was developed to help identify and promote the VPP, OSHA must ensure that the use of the logo remains consistent and does not diminish program integrity.

The logo reflects that a product was developed as part of the OSHA VPP for informational purposes only. Use of the logo does not imply official agency approval by either OSHA or the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) and should not be construed as an endorsement of the entity, its products or services.

Use of the VPP logo is mainly reserved for OSHA and active VPP participants. The logo may be used by aspiring VPP applicants if used in the proper context, e.g., used in conjunction with language that clearly indicates the applicant is not an active VPP participant, e.g., "Working Toward VPP" or other similar phrase.

OSHA-Developed VPP Resources
Print Resources

NOTE: OSHA can use stationery and letterhead with the VPP logo. OSHA should control and limit the use of such stationery by other parties.

  • Brochures and fact sheets
  • Success stories and newsletters
  • News releases
  • Banners and certificates developed by OSHA
  • Stationery and letterhead
Online Resources
  • OSHA VPP and other OSHA Web pages related to the VPP, located at
Other Resources
  • Giveaways such as pins and magnets
  • Shirts, coffee mugs or other items
  • Flags or plaques
  • PowerPoint presentations and videos developed by the VPP for information and/or training
VPP Participant-Developed Resources
Print Resources
  • Products such as manuals, reports, studies, brochures, newsletters, news releases and other publications that are developed in consultation with OSHA through the VPP by VPP participants.
Online Resources

NOTE: The logo cannot be used to give the appearance that the VPP participant's web site is part of the OSHA web site.

  • Web sites developed by VPP participants
Other Resources

NOTE: The logo may appear on these other resources provided they have been approved by VPP Management.

  • Giveaways such as pins and magnets
  • Shirts, coffee mugs or other items
  • Flags or plaques
  • PowerPoint presentations and videos developed in consultation with OSHA through the VPP for information and/or training
The VPP logo can only be used as it appears below, and only in the following capacities with the joint agreement of OSHA and the USDOL Office of the Solicitor.
Voluntary Protection Programs An OSHA Cooperative Program

The official VPP Logo is available for downloadable in several formats.

  • EPS Version ZIP*. This encapsulated Postscript file provides the resolutions needed for publishing applications.
  • JPG Version*. This Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPG) file provides the resolution needed for website application.
  • Official Colors
    • Red: Pantone #185
    • Blue: Pantone #288
    • Gold: Pantone #130