Commercial Diving

Additional Resources

  • Organizations involved in diving medical emergencies include:
    • USA - Navy Experimental Diving Unit, (904) 230-3100.
    • USA - Naval Medical Research Institute, (301) 295-1839.
    • Canada - Diving Division of the Defense and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine, (416) 635-2000.
    • England - Institute of Naval Medicine, [44] 1705 722-351.
    • General information may also be obtained from the following:
      • Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (301) 942-2980)
      • National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technology (504) 366-8871)
  • Navy Experimental Diving Unit. U.S. Navy, Supervisor of Salvage (SUPSALV). NEDU acts as an information clearinghouse for both the military and the public/commercial sectors; publishes technical and scientific reports; and cooperates in research and development with academia and industry in hyperbaric materials, technology, medicine, and physiology.
  • Hammerhead Press. Provides books for scuba, technical, professional & commercial (deep-sea) divers, as well as free articles on commercial diving topics.