Commercial Diving

Hazards and Solutions

Commercial divers are exposed not only to the possibility of drowning but also to a variety of occupational safety and health hazards such as respiratory and circulatory risks, hypothermia, low visibility, and physical injury from the operation of heavy equipment under water. The type, length, frequency of dive and the type of operation increase the already high risk of this strenuous work. Additional hazards are also associated with the actual work, such as underwater cutting and welding, materials handling, hull scrubbing, and use of hand and power tools. The following references aid in recognizing and controlling commercial diving hazards.

  • A common type of health hazard associated with commercial diving is "Dysbarism." Dysbarism is a generic term applicable to any adverse health effect due to a difference between ambient pressure and the total gas pressure in tissues, fluids, or cavities of the body (1-7). [more...]
  • Examining Fatal Shipyard Accidents. OSHA Video. Provides animated re-enactments of fatal accidents investigated by OSHA.