Commercial Diving



Commercial diving involves a diverse group of individuals and companies involved in a wide range of activities. These workers are exposed to the same hazards anyone would if they spent extended periods of time underwater, such as drowning, respiratory and circulatory problems, and hypothermia. The number of dives, length of time spent underwater, lack of visibility, and the strenuous nature of the task increase the risk of this type of activity. Additionally, commercial divers are often exposed to construction or demolition type hazards such as cutting, welding, material handling, cleaning, operation of heavy equipment, and general work with power tools.


Commercial diving hazards are addressed in specific OSHA standards for general industry, maritime, and construction.

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Hazards and Solutions

Provides references that may aid in recognizing and controlling commercial diving hazards.

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Safety and Health Programs

Provides information that may help employers develop and implement a safety and health program.

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Additional Resources

Provides links and references to additional resources related to commercial diving.

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