Through the Alliance, OSHA and NSMS will work together to address the effective development and implementation of integrated safety management systems. OSHA and NSMS will provide educational information and training materials on issues that are specific to safety management systems and will develop effective safety management systems' related training. The Alliance's goals include:

Training and education:

  • Provide the OSHA Training Institute, upon request, with educational and training materials and resources on issues specific to safety management systems.
  • Develop and provide effective safety management systems related training to be delivered in conferences, meetings and through NSMS' learning network, when OSHA and NSMS jointly identify the need.

Outreach and communication:

  • Disseminate and raise awareness of the use of OSHA and/or NSMS developed information and guidance on safety management systems through NSMS' newsletters, Web site, workshops, meetings, and other resources.
  • Establish avenues and processes that NSMS members can use to mentor and assist OSHA personnel as they proceed with professional certification.

Promoting the national dialogue on workplace safety and health:

  • Share information on the best safety management systems of NSMS members, as jointly determined by OSHA and NSMS, with NSMS members and others in the occupational health and safety profession through OSHA and/or NSMS developed programs and materials.

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