OSHA's Alliance with the ACPA focuses on providing ACPA members and others in the industry with information, especially in reducing and preventing exposure to confined space hazards by developing, implementing, or improving confined space programs. OSHA and ACPA will work together to develop and disseminate outreach materials, identify topics that can be addressed in eTools and other electronic assistance products, cross train OSHA and ACPA personnel in confined space hazards specific to the concrete pipe industry, explore opportunities to establish forums for discussion, and encourage ACPA members to participate in OSHA's cooperative programs. Alliance goals are:

Outreach and communication
  • Develop and disseminate information through print and electronic media that serve the concrete pipe industry, including, as applicable, links to selected pages on OSHA's and ACPA's web sites.
  • ACPA will assist OSHA in identifying safety and health issues specific to the concrete pipe industry that can be addressed in eTools and other electronic assistance products for the OSHA Web site.
  • Speak, exhibit, or appear at conferences such as the annual ACPA conference, local meetings, or other events that serve the concrete pipe industry to promote the effectiveness of confined space programs in preventing injury or workplace illness.
  • Cross train OSHA personnel and ACPA safety and health professionals in confined space entry hazards specific to the concrete pipe industry and best practices, as jointly determined by OSHA and ACPA.
  • Explore opportunities to establish forums at ACPA conferences and regional or state chapter meetings to discuss injuries and illnesses relating to confined space issues that frequently occur in ACPA member's plants in order to help forge innovative solutions to these problems in the workplace.
  • Promote to ACPA members the potential benefits of their participation in OSHA's cooperative programs such as Compliance Assistance, the Voluntary Protection Program, Consultation, and SHARP.

Products and Resources

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