OSHA Challenge Success Story and Best Practice Submission

OSHA's Office of Partnerships and Recognition (OPR) is seeking for your success stories and best practices to show the positive results and benefits of participating in OSHA Challenge. Once you have completed this form, please email it to your Administrator. A list of Administrators and their contact information may be found at OSHA Challenge Administrators and Current Participants by Region

I. General Information:

Please complete the below table.

Submitted By Phone # Origin (Region #) Name and Location of Organization (Focus of Submission)
Industry Description and NAICS Code   # employees   # of employer/s  
Date entered Challenge   Current Stage of Challenge (I, II, III, Graduate)  

II. Success Story or Best Practice Narrative:

Please check the appropriate below box or boxes that your submission includes, followed by your narrative. (Each narrative should include two or three paragraphs. It is possible that a story may include more than one of the below categories.)

III. Quantitative Data:

If your submission highlights percentage and/or number reductions, please use the below table and provide data for the past three years, if possible. You do not need to complete every column - just what relates to your submission.

  *TCIR **DART Rate Number of Fatalities Dollar Value of Worker Compensation Claims
Year 1:        
Year 2:        
Year 3:        
3-Year Rate (Avg.)        
Bureau of Labor Statistics' (BLS) National Average for Most Recent Year Available (Year)***        
Percentage Difference between BLS and Most Recent Year in Program        

*TCIR: (Total Case Incident Rate) = (# of injuries x 200,000) / total hours worked

**DART: (Days Away, Restricted, Time away) = (# of lost time injuries x 200,000) / total hours worked

***For the respective industry related to the submission.

Thank you for taking the time to help promote the value of OSHA Challenge!