$afety Pays

Have you ever thought about how much a workplace injury could cost your business?

OSHA's $afety Pays tool is an online calculator that uses data on workplace injury costs compiled by the National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc., to calculate the direct and indirect costs to your business.

The tool allows you to select from among 40 types of injuries and illnesses. In addition to showing the direct and indirect costs of each injury, the tool calculates the additional sales revenue your business would need to generate to cover these costs.

The results may surprise you. Exploring this tool will help you appreciate the value of implementing a safety and health program.

  • CPWR's online ROI Calculator (www.safecalc.org) allows contractors to use their own cost data to calculate their potential return on investment from adopting a safer tool, material, or work practice, and includes specific examples of traditional methods compared to safer alternatives that can be modified to reflect a contractor's experience.
  • The ASSE Business of Safety Committee works to show how SH&E investment can positively impact an organization’s bottom line.